kings' Leadership

New York City

Pastor David & Bethany Engelhardt

Pastor David, originally from upstate NY,  is an attorney in NYC, and was formerly in ministry at a number of churches in the NW. Pastor David is also a board member of Turning Point USA and an active voice in conservative politics where he speaks about the cross-section of law, faith, and political society. Bethany is a recording artist & worship leader and also spent many years in ministry in the NW. They have 3 children: Leon, Solomon, and Goldie. David & Bethany planted Kings’ Church with ARC in 2018. 

Steven & Heidi Saldana

Travis & Nicky Nolt

Derek Sammak

Margaret Sammak

Landon Nolt

Stephanie Capra

Sincere Cardona

Ashley Leal


Pastor Trebor & Molly Angerman

Trebor and Molly are passionate about seeing the people of Charleston live in an active and authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. To further that end God stirred their hearts to move to Charleston to plant Kings’ Church Charleston with the support of Kings’ Church NYC. Pastor Trebor spent 6 years on staff at Victory Faith in Spokane Washington and was involved in the leadership of various other parachurch organizations in the city of Spokane. His wife Molly has also spent many years on staff at churches, on missions trips, and most recently being the worlds greatest mom to Kingston (age 5) Piper (age 3) and Cassius (newborn).


Dillon & Kristi Jones
Dillon and Kristi were introduced by a friend to kings’ Church in 2021. They begin tuning in via livestream and after a year had a consistent crew gathering to be a part of what God is doing through kings’ Church. They care for people in a deep way, desire for people to be discipled, and are passionate about the church being filled with big Christians in Tulsa, OK.