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On Finances

Thank you for partnering with kings’ Church, for investing in the work of the Lord, and for honoring God with your wealth. Deuteronomy states that each “must bring a gift in proportion to the way the LORD your God has blessed them.” We give as a response to the blessing of God. We give so His word would be spread. We give to amplify the message of Christ that resounds in our soul. We give because we love Jesus.

Some Things We've Done

Kings’ Church is online with almost 100,000 podcast downloads, over 400k video views across social media, and on radio hosted by stations across New York City. We have teams preaching the gospel weekly on the streets of New York. We have produced music that encourages the saints. Pastor David’s book Good Kills was funded by kings’ Church with all proceeds going to kings’ Church. Good Kills was #1 for months on amazon.com as best-seller–in multiple genres. We have a Bible reading app available in the app store! We’ve given over $100,000 of food and gifts to the poor of the Two-Bridges community.  We have life-impacting conferences and events, and we have many more ideas up our sleeve … Just wait and see.

Check out our 2022 wins download to see what we did last year, and specific ways to sow in this season.
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