kings' Church is a faith community that launched in the two-bridges neighborhood of NYC in September 2018.

We have locations in New York City, Charleston, and Tulsa.

We believe that the purpose of the church is to glorify God, equip the saints for the work of the ministry, and see the lost find Christ; in that order of priority.  We strive to walk in the cohesion of Spirit and Truth. We strongly proclaim truth. We heartily seek the presence of God.

Vision & Mission

1. Hunting Heaven

2. Unearthing Treasure

The foundation of any people must be, first seeking the Kingdom of Heaven, which means having a dynamic relationship with Jesus. It is fundamental that our community is a seeking community first. We will seek the kingdom of Heaven, and then all the other things come thereafter.
If we are not serving the people of God we are failing the mission. People are the treasure in our midst, and our mission is to help God’s people discover what their unique gift is in order for that to be given to those around them, displaying God’s Love to and through their family, business, and art.

3. Truth

4. Touching Our Community

John chapter one tells us that Jesus came full of grace and full of truth. Unfortunately, our current church cultures are grace-heavy and truth-light. We believe that grace invites, but truth frees, without truth Christians will live lives of perpetual bondage and confusion. Truth is founded on God’s word, which has been ratified by the historic consensus of the church. Modern adaptations are mostly ancient heresy in new clothes. 
Christianity has to have a street level application. Metaphysical truths without earthly application will only leave us insular and inbred. Having a strategy to minister to kids, families, teachers, and local leaders, gives substance to our song, and allows us to see the Kingdom come, in our homes first, then in our halls of influence.